“Every Parent, Every Story, One Show"

Life is beautiful. As living creatures, we have the privilege to create, support, and raise life. This is undoubtedly the most natural occurrence to take place, which means we should all be naturally prepared for everything, right?

Well, as much as we are naturally capable of taking care of and raising a living human, it’s an extremely trying and confusing time to be a new parent. While joy, laughter, and unforgettable firsts are all events you can look forward to, there are certain challenges that are naturally going to make you run for your money.

Don’t worry, though! It’s just as natural for human beings to share, support, and teach each other. That is exactly what Moon Baby Show is all about. We’re here to share in your happiness,
challenges, and confusing moments and help you through each of them using real experiences, advice, and more!

Moon Baby Show embodies the nine phases during parenthood with a three-day community focused baby event where new and expectant parents can enjoy numerous resources.

Our mission is to be your number one parenting portal where you can let go and rest assured knowing there is an entire community of fellow moms, dads, and professionals who are ready and
waiting to make a difference in your life.

Happy Parenting!
Moon Baby Show Team



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