Candice Lewis

About the Founder


Candice Lewis has always had a passion for families ever since she became a first-time Mother in 2011. Motherhood welcomed her with many challenges that she didn't know existed. For instance, she didn't know the many choices she had available to her when it came to being pregnant and birthing her own children. She has always called herself the "Google Mom" because she relied heavily on Google to educate herself on the proper ways to nurture herself and children.


While she was tending to her duties of being a Mother to her children, she learned about Doulas and how impactful their services were to birthing mothers. She began her training to become a Doula and attended births to begin her calling to support families. After many attended births she knew that she needed to support families on a higher level, so she created a baby expo that spanned for two years which brought together local businesses that provided services and products to families that could benefit.


Her sole purpose for her events was to make sure families knew their local community and also knew that they didn't have to go through their journey of parenthood alone. For over three years, Candice has been the link that parents, businesses, non-profits, and communities need to make sure everyone comes together feeling supported. 

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