CJ McCoy

CJ is a wife, mom of 2, blogger, podcaster and business owner. Her brand, CJ’s Kids, started out as a home daycare, but has since evolved into an amazing resource for early childhood development and learning activities. In addition to providing educational tools, CJ uses her brand’s platform to develop and share fun and healthy recipes for all ages. She is also using her creative energy to make music for little ones and their families to enjoy together.  CJ’s overall goal is to help promote healthy relationships between parents and their children in a way that’s both effective and enjoyable.


When she isn’t juggling family and business, CJ is spending time planning and recording content for 2Brown Mommas, an up and coming podcast centered around two young wives and mothers who share their experiences in life, love and family.

In addition to her business ventures, CJ brings a diverse family background to The Moon Baby Show by being transparent about her experience as a Bonus Mom, as well as her journey to conception with her youngest.  CJ hopes to use her positive energy to shed light on various topics in life and motherhood while providing encouragement to her readers.

Website: www.cjskidcare.com

Instagram: @_cjmccoy

Facebook: CJ's Kids Care LLC                   

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