2VBAC - Birth of Baby E

For about a week I was at 2 cm, with some false labor contractions that would come anywhere from 15 minutes apart to hours apart, and then stopping completely for some time...super annoying. Nothing ever seemed to be "real labor", in fact because of all the days of false stuff, I didn't even think I was in "real" labor when I actually was in labor. It was Father's day, and 2 days earlier I had gotten my acupuncture to help move things along. Almost exactly 48 hours later, down to the hour, I started to feel a bit more painful contractions, but again they were 30 minutes to hours apart and I didn't think anything of it.

I continued on my day and just kind of ignored it because I knew it was too far apart to mean anything. Around 9 pm, I started to get a bit more uncomfortable and told my husband I wanted to go upstairs to lay down and watch TV. Then about an hour later they seemed to be getting closer, but not super close, so I timed them anyway...they were still 8-15 minutes apart. Within the next hour they started consistently becoming 8 minutes apart and I figured I'd just call in to my doctor and ask what she thought...being my 3rd I knew things could change quickly. I wasn't in a lot of pain they were just uncomfortable and crampy, but consistent, and she agreed to go ahead and go in just because it was our 3rd baby and we never know.

We got to the hospital around 11:30 pm, and I felt pretty good. I was talking through my contractions and talking and joking with some of the nurses. The nurse finally checked me and I was jokingly saying "please be a 7!"...because I checked in with my second I was at 2cm and I thought I was dying, so I had this thought in my head that since I was still feeling good that it was going to be a loooooong night. The nurse laughed and she goes, well you're close, you're a 6! I was in shock and I looked at my husband and we both kind of had this look on our faces like what in the world?! I think I asked the nurse about 80 times if she was sure! She was...and then my next question was if I'm a 6, then why am I still talking to you?!! When I was a 6 with my second...well I was in so much pain I don't even remember what I was doing...probably yelling at my husband. The nurse thought it was funny too and said, "I'm not sure why you are still talking normally to me, but you must have good control" (thank you doula training!).

Within a matter of minutes of getting checked in, the nurses were already setting up the baby stuff, and me and my husband were just hanging out (it was really strange). My husband called our photographer and she got there shortly after midnight and I spent a majority of my labor just hanging out, chatting with her and Joe and the nurses and actually (dare I say) ENJOYING my labor. Things definitely got a little more intense but I still found myself talking after each contraction and even dancing to my hip hop music with the nurses :) Hip hop dance and cardio workout station on pandora - great labor dancing music! The energy in the room was amazing! It was fun, fearless, and everyone was happy and having a good time and excited to meet the little guy!

We had this really amazing nurse who actually let me get off the monitors and sit in the bath for over an hour (they usually won't let this happen if you are a VBAC, or in my case a 2VBAC). But she was adorable, she honored my request and said "of course you can, what are they going to do? fire me? I'm old, they can't do that!" So she filled the tub up for us and even put some lavender oil in the water...it was heavenly. I loved it! We were truly blessed to get such an awesome lady, she will forever be in my heart. Not only did she respect how I wanted to labor, but she kept my grounded and in control when things got really intense really fast at the end. Joe was awesome too, he used my essential oils, and rubbed my back the whole time...he would make an awesome doula! I couldn't have done another unmedicated birth without him!

A couple hours later, things were getting hard, I was dropping F bombs during my contractions, and yelling that if Joe ever got me pregnant again I'd kill him and then schedule my c section! HA! In between contractions I'd either dance or sing to my music, or question my decision not to use drugs! I remember saying a lot of "why did I think this was a good idea? this is NOT OK!" So they called my doctor down to check in on me and I was at 8 cm, and at that same time my water broke. This is where it got crazy intense! 25 minutes after my water broke and a push and a half later, little Easton made his appearance at 2:57 am...about 3.5 hours after we checked in! It was fast and furious once things got going! After it was all said and done I was thrilled I did it again, and was very happy with my labor and how things went. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end our baby chapter!

Veronica DeStefano is a WAHM who lives in North Carolina with her husband who she adores, her three kids that she lives for, and a cat she tolerates. Veronica is a writer/blogger, photographer, and certified doula, but her most important and favorite role will always be, mom. In her very limited free time, she enjoys video chatting with her friends and family back in CO, crafting, practicing her hand lettering and calligraphy, reading, and watching ER reruns. You can find her other work on her personal blog, and her photography page.

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