Baby Registry Basics: 10 Must Have Items by Katie Gonzalez

Starting a registry can be absolutely overwhelming. Where do you even start? Are you picking the right products? Do you really need all of this baby stuff??

To help keep it simple, start with the necessities. Everything else is a filler!

There are 10 must haves I always tell my preggo friends to focus on when starting their registry:

1) Stroller:

This is obviously a necessity but with the amount of options out there, it’s not always the easiest choice to make. Some people don’t have the luxury of collecting strollers so I always recommend something easy, durable and reliable. Look for a travel system that includes the whole package - a baby carrier, stroller and base (my favorite has always been the britax travel system, although I do have many favorites since I’m a stroller hoarder).

2) Convertible Car Seat:

Whether you get a travel system with a carrier or not, you will need a convertible car seat at some point. There’s so many great options, but a few of my favorites are: the Britax ClickTight, Nuna Rava and Clek Fllo. I highly recommend these because of their fabulous safety features.

3) Baby Swing:

Some babies love it, some babies hate it. Keep the box just in case!

4) Bassinet/Co-Sleeper Crib:

This is used for only a short period of time before your baby starts to roll or sit up, so definitely keep that in mind. There’s a lot of great, affordable options like the Baby Delight Bedside Me Dreamer, Halo and products by Arms Reach.

5) Highchair:

This is going to be the item that gets the messiest so I always tell my friends to find one that is totally practical, and unless you have the time to get through every crack and crevice, make sure it’s easy to pull apart and clean quickly!

6) Exersaucer/Jumper:

Babies need exercise and stimulation! A chair that sits them up with colorful toys and activities is a must. This also burns energy and can help with sleep!

7) Diaper Bag:

Find one that suits your personality, but works with your lifestyle. Does it have enough pockets, the right size, the right strap? It’s hard to recommend one when everyone’s preferences are so different, BUT I have a friend currently in the works of designing a diaper bag to cater to a mom of both baby and toddler and I cannot wait to feature it and show you all!

8) The Owlet:

This. This item is one I recommend to help bring calm and ease to new parents. When baby is sleeping, there’s no reason why mom and dad can’t sleep either. This allows parents to sleep without panic that something might happen to their precious baby because they’re being safely monitored.

9) Playpen:

Great for napping anywhere, and great for playing in a safe enclosed area. Find one that suits your space. However, I do recommend one that sits completely on the floor. Micralite, Joovy Coo, Chicco and many more offer this style.

10) Bouncer:

Having another option of where to put baby down like a comfortable and cozy bouncer is great. I just had the BounceRoo by 4moms and my son absolutely loved it, especially on really bad reflux days.

Before you post or share your registry, shop around in store and online, and add everything that catches your attention. If you can, attend a local baby gear expo and try things out first hand! Even if you have 10 strollers, 4 swings and 3 diaper bags added onto your registry, THATS OK! You can weed through each and narrow it down based on reviews, features and which ones YOU favor the most. And if you’re still undecided, leave more than one on your registry. If you get both at your baby shower, decide later which one you’d possibly like to exchange for something else that you didn’t end up getting. Your baby deserves the best, and the best he/she shall have!

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