“Beautiful, Isn’t She?” - Body Positivity for Moms

Tiffany North, The Moon Baby Show

During pregnancy we receive so many compliments on our growing bellies and overall “pregnancy glow,” but it seems as though our changing bodies are only considered beautiful before baby arrives. We rarely, if ever, receive the same flattering comments about how amazing our postpartum bodies are...or how empowered we should feel after birth.

In an effort to celebrate “Mom Bods” and encourage women during their postpartum journey, @mothercareuk developed a campaign that showcases real women weeks and months after the births of their little ones. Unedited. Unfiltered. These photos reflect the diversity that is motherhood, while reminding us that our bodies postpartum are something to be proud of and not hidden.

Accepting ourselves in all of our post-pregnancy glory doesn’t mean that we’ve become “too comfortable” or “unhealthy.” It means that we choose to celebrate ourselves instead of being negatively impacted by the judgement of others. It means that we’ve found a sense of pride and confidence in the ways that our bodies have changed as we heal and focus on self love and self care. And lastly, it means knowing that when we’re ready, we’ll continue to pursue our personal journeys through health and wellness, whatever that looks like for each of us.

So if you find yourself feeling down about the postpartum skin you’re in, chin up buttercup! You’re absolutely stunning! And remember that the little one you carried is worth every bump, lump and stretch mark you may have gained along the way.

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