Featured Mompreneur: Catrice “CJ” McCoy

The Moon Baby Show team has decided to dedicate the month of October to Digital Mom-ads and Mompreneurs!

We’re kicking off this month’s features with Mom Boss and Moon Baby Blogger CJ (Catrice) McCoy. In addition to being a wife and mom of two, CJ is also creator and owner of CJ’s Kid Care. What started as a home daycare has since developed into a parenting community, a fun blog (including early childhood education, parent hacks, recipes and more), and soon will also incorporate music for little ones and their families to enjoy together. If that isn’t enough, CJ is also one half of 2brownmamas, a podcast featuring two young women as they navigate motherhood, marriage, family and business.

We asked CJ a few questions about how she juggles it all, and what keeps her motivated and organized. Check out her Q&A below!

How do you juggle being a Mompreneur of two brands?

USING MY CALENDAR AND WRITING NOTES! I would never be able to remember everything and I am always thinking up something new to try or incorporate. So as not to overwhelm myself, or forget any of my amazing ideas (haha) I take notes. I use my phone sometimes but I’m old school, I love a good planner and notebook. I also have recently added an acrylic board in my office that I update for the week or month, and I try to check things off as I go along. 

What are some of the challenges that you face as a WAHM? What are some wins or ways that you overcome?

For me, the biggest challenge is I am never alone to just work! Sometimes when I really want to keep working on something or I'm really on a roll my kids just need me and I have to stop and come back to it later. I try to remember that’s the reason that I chose to do this. The reason why I decided I still wasn't ready to re-open my daycare full time was because I LOVE all the extra time and attention that I can give to my kids. I love that I am able to be the one to take Cori to all of her new activities, to try new things, and that I get to be with her as she learns and grows everyday. I love that I get to pick Ryan up every day from practice, sit at the kitchen counter with him and talk about school and girls (rolling my eyes haha). I love being their mom! My husband is great about taking over for awhile in the evenings so I can work on something if I need to, or just take a  few moments to myself. I am also a night owl, so I like to utilize that time in the evening between the kids going to bed and before we go to bed to get things done. 

How do you create a healthy work life balance, especially since you’re work and home environment are under the same roof?

The biggest thing for me is having space for working. My home daycare space is not in an area of the home that my family would really use. When I go into that space with CJ's kiddos, I know that's my working space. Even when Cori and I go into the daycare classroom for crafts and learning it kinda helps me put on my teacher hat along with my Momma hat, so she gets both sides.

When it's time to record the podcast I go into the studio, put our logo up on the screen, get my headset on and it really sets the mood for me. My body and brain knows ITS TIME! I communicate with my husband as often as I can about what I am working on and wanting to accomplish that week/month so he knows and helps me out. Saturdays, unless he has to go in for some reason or I absolutely need to, we don't work. It's all about family time and just relaxing! My husband and I also get time together on Monday's because he is home, baby girl naps and our son is at school so its like a bonus day every week. We also have weeknight date nights right at home! Snacks (with no grabbing little hands), a movie or a show and some quality time alone.

What advice would you give other aspiring Mompreneurs on how to maintain balance between work, family and self?

My advice is to use your planner! See how your days "usually go" and find a time that you can work! Set a space wether it be at the table, at a desk in your room, heck even in your closet whatever works for you. So you know when you're there its time to work. Remember why you decided to work from home and don't compare yourself to anyone else, do what works best for you. Everyday won't be the same, so don't beat yourself up about things. Set realistic goals and work towards them. Write them out, plan, check things off your list and keep going. If you have a partner, communicate your needs with them and ask for help or time alone when you need it. Also, even though we chose this WAHM life, it's perfectly okay to need time to yourself! Lean on your village if you have one, find a good sitter and take a break!

We’d like to thank Catrice for sharing her tips and advice with us! You can learn more about her on our website, and by checking out her IG pages (@_cjmccoy, @cjskidcare & @2brownmamas).

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