Featured Mompreneur: Christina Lumpkin

This week’s Featured Mompreneur is Fit Mom, CEO and coach, Christina Lumpkin. Christina has made it her mission to equip expecting and postpartum mothers with the tools they need to stay healthy and active during and after pregnancy. We asked her a few questions about her journey as an entrepreneur, as well as balancing her career and motherhood.

What inspired you to become an entrenpreneur?

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs in my family, and in the fitness industry specifically, an entrepreneurial spirit is a must. You need a mission, vision and the work ethic to bring both to life. As far as J2M Fitness, motherhood pointed me in that direction. During my first pregnancy and postpartum journey I was disappointed by the lack of resources available to expectant and new mothers on howto stay active. There are still so many misconceptions and outdated facts being shared that confuse and often intimidate pregnant women and new mothers from exercising. So, I set out to provide resources and a supportive online community for women who want to stay active during all phases of motherhood —TTC, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

How have you been able to find balance between Motherhood and business? What’s worked for you? What hasn’t?

Honestly, balance for me is a continuous process. Being wife, Mommy, and an entrepreneur means I have to wear multiple hats and it’s tempting to try and do everything but there is more productivity in delegating. I’ve had to learn when and how to delegate tasks and projects which is challenging because I’m passionate about my vision and want to ensure that it translates authentically to other women. I’ve also learned to delegate and reprioritize in my personal life and found a new appreciation for self-care and rest. It’s easy to end up overwhelmed or burned out as an entrepreneur if you’re not cognizant of how you’re expending your energy and taking diligent measures to recharge and replenish all the energy you expend on a daily basis.

What are some of the challenges you face as a Mompreneur? How have you/are you overcoming them?

The greatest challenge has been getting out of my own way and removing limitations. Each day I make a conscious decision to step out of my comfort zone. People are often surprised when I tell them that I’m naturally very introverted. I have to step outside my comfort zone every time I speak publicly or appear on social media. I don’t fake anything. What you see is the real me, but I’ve worked hard to be comfortable in being vulnerable about my own truth and sharing J2M’s mission.

Also, I honestly didn’t set out to start a business. My initial plan was to blog and share tips through my personal journey. But, as a woman of God, I felt that God was calling me to do more so I obeyed. It’s not easy. Entrepreneurship is a faith walk. There are challenges along the way, but the day I committed to starting the process and accepted it as a faith walk, opportunities, resources, and support began to pour into the vision and J2M Fitness started forming on it’s own. 

What tips or advice do you have for other moms who are considering venturing into Mompreneur/WAHM life?

There is an unrealistic expectation for mompreneurs to have it all and do-it-all.

My advice would be to prioritize, delegate and surround yourself with support systems. We are incredible—but we don’t have to and shouldn’t put pressure on ourselves to do everything on our own.

We need support systems and it’s more than okay not to “have it all” figured out. Lastly, accept that we are all a work in progress. Don’t strive for perfection because it doesn’t exist.Do your best. Keep your priorities in order. And make a choice to continue evolving each day.

We would like to thank Christina for sharing her tips and advice with us! Check out her brief bio below for more information, and be sure to follow her on Instagram, @coach_mom_wife_life and @journey2motherhoodfitness.

Christina Lumpkin is a Pre/Post-Natal Fitness Expert (Oh Baby! Fitness), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM-WFS), Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT), Group Fitness Instructor (AFAA) and College Wellness Professor. In addition to her fitness credentials, the former Division I Basketball athlete holds a BA in Sociology from Columbia University and MBA in Healthcare Administration from South University. Christina’s mission is to empower women by educating them about exercise, healthy behaviors, and self-care practices. As a wife, mother, and fitness professional, she understands the challenges that many women face in prioritizing their health while meeting life’s daily demands. Her business Journey2Motherhood Fitness LLC offers programs, services, and books that equip mothers with resources and tools to teach them how to maintain healthy and active lifestyles during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. TTC, Preggo, Toddler Moms, working moms, SAHMs — all are welcome! We are here to figure out solutions that fit YOUR lifestyle and will help you reach YOUR goals.

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