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And just like that, it’s November!

Our theme for the month is “Gratefulness,” and we’ve kicked it off by announcing a fun giveaway! In case you missed it, we thought it would be a great idea to have our community (that means you!) share a brief video of some of the things that you’ve been grateful for in your pregnancy, birth experiences and postpartum. This can be anything from your birthing team, your partner, prenatal care and eduction, postpartum support, we want to hear it all!

Being a two time C-section Mama, it was very hard for me to find gratefulness in my birthing experiences. I spent a lot of time feeling like my body was failing me, and that I was being cheated out of the birth that I really wanted. It took a while for me to realize that I had plenty to be thankful for, even though things didn’t go the way I planned. I had amazing midwives who supported me every step of the way, a partner who celebrated the way I birthed, family and friends who helped me tremendously through both recoveries, and an amazing postpartum therapist that helped me navigate the hormonal changes and emotions that I had a hard time dealing with. And now with all of the support, resources and education from The Moon Baby Show, I can be grateful for the opportunity to try and achieve the birth I want whenever the time comes.

I’m looking forward to sharing more of what I’m grateful for this month, and hearing from all of you! Be sure to submit your videos to to enter our giveaway, and to be featured here on our page!

I hope you all have an amazing

month, and a great start the the holiday season!

Tiffany North

Editor, The Moon Baby Show

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