Message From The Founder - November 2019

November has always been the month that I take time to practice to be grateful! I have learned how important it is to be appreciative of all the things given to me.

When I was pregnant with my children,  I was grateful for my birthing partner, the resources that were introduced to me, and my birthing team who always listened and validated my concerns. 

Now that The Moon Baby Show is growing rapidly, we want you to join us this month in participating in our theme “Gratefulness” by answering one question:

What were you grateful for when you were expecting during and after your birthing time and postpartum?”

We thought it would be insightful to take a moment to reflect on all the hidden joys of being a parent to those who are new and expecting. We also extend this to Moms who experienced infant loss, as well as birthing partners who lost their birthing Momma and loss of a birthing partner. Your stories are important too! Therefore, I believe there is always something to be grateful for and I cannot wait to see your submissions! 

Also, I would like to add that we are extremely grateful for our new partners that have joined The Moon Baby Show community - Palmers, SYKI, and Dyper Service. To learn more about our current partners, please visit our website to connect with them, and see how they can help you through your journey of parenthood. 

Lastly, we have discounted tickets for $10 for the Washington, DC show. We want to make sure EVERYONE has an opportunity to attend. This is the perfect opportunity for new parents to purchase a ticket which includes a gift bag filled with goodies from our Moon Baby Show partners!

Thank you all for supporting our mission and providing the much-needed resources as we build The Moon Baby Show!

Candice Lewis


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