Mompreneur Spotlight: Erica Johnson, Owner of Epartners Marketing 

To begin our month of spotlighting Momprenreurs we had the opportunity to interview Erica Johnson of Epartners Marketing who is a Marketing Maven and Mom who has mastered raising her daughter and running a business full-time. Erica offered some great tips for new and expecting parents who want to work from home and raise their babies.


Erica Johnson is the founder and creative director of EPartners Marketing Inc. which launched in 2016. She created E-Partners Marketing to help business owners who are ready to stand out in their industry. She's helped hundreds of entrepreneurs with marketing and design over the last 3 years. Over the last 7 years, she's helped thousands of businesses with social media, digital marketing, and website design. She wants you to love your business without the overwhelm of marketing, design, and public relations. When Erica isn't strategizing she enjoys dancing and playing with her daughter! They love the beach. Erica has a mommy blog, that she started in 2013. She also loves finding good lipstick and blogs about beauty on

Tell Us More About You

I’m Erica. I’m a mommy, Creative Director, and owner of E-Partners Marketing Inc. I'm based in Jacksonville, Florida, but have clients across the US and Canada. I also blog about motherhood, beauty, fashion, and design. A little obsessed with Pinterest and lattes.

What Do You Do?

I help entrepreneurs become clear and effective in their business. I help business owners to love their business without the overwhelm of marketing, design, and public relations. Brand Strategy and Clarity is my calling!  And I have a little Etsy shop where I help YouTubers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs with design projects. I teach kids in China with VIPKID too.

Why Are You A Mompreneur?  I'm a mompreneur because the traditional 9-5 office job didn't fit with my role as a mother.  I have to drop my child off at school by 8:30 am and pick her up by 2:30 pm. Being a mompreneur allows me the flexibility to do that and be involved in her school activities.

What Challenges Do You Face?

Challenges I face are the illusion of work/life balance, routines, and unplugging. This year I realized that work/life balance was an illusion I thought was real.  A few years ago while working 3 different jobs VIPKID, teaching in a traditional classroom, and freelance designing, I thought I found balance. Not even close! If it wasn't for my mom helping me with the baby at that time I wouldn't have been able to juggle all that.

Now, I teach with VIPKID only in the morning and the rest of the time building brands for clients along with my business partner. Thank God for my business partner and Bella's involved grandparents!  I block each day for me to really spend time with my child in the afternoon reading, drawing, playing, and helping her with homework. 

Starting a routine is one thing, but sticking to it is another. I had a solid morning and evening routine when I was working in the office. I made the transition to being my own boss and that went out the window. I'm now realizing how VITAL a routine is for me and my child's happiness. That's what I'm really working on these next few months. Creating and sticking to better routines.

Unplugging from my phone and living in the moment is something I really want to start doing...consistently. Bella even says I'm always on my phone. She loves her iPad, but it's an issue that mommy loves her phone. Even though I block time I still find myself checking social media and emails. Sometimes I leave the phone in the other room on purpose.

Do you have any tips for New Moms and Expecting Moms who want to work at home or start a business? 

My tips for new and expecting moms who want to work at home or start a business is to learn about time blocking and routines.  These 2 concepts will help them be happy and thrive. Also, don't be scared to ask others for help. Even if it's asking a friend or family member to watch your child for self-care or to go to networking events. Mommies need that uninterrupted time to focus and recharge!

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