Moon Baby Jams Playlist | January 2021

Candice's Top Spotify Music Picks!

Happy New Year Moon Baby Family! When It comes to music and babies I have found that there are so many different genres you can choose for what you need your baby to do at the moment.

From getting them to sleep at night to getting all their little energy burned out so they can take a nice nap while you finish up some chores around the house.

I created this special Moon Baby Jam Playlist to help you get you and your baby up and dancing around the house and maybe outside at the playground in the park if it's nice.

The first song on the playlist is Space Girl by Frances Forever and it is my personal FAVE and in HEAVY rotation! I also put in some old-school music because every baby needs a little "Soul" in their tiny bodies.

I hope this playlist gets you up and dancing around the house with you and baby and gives you the Mood Booster you may have needed!

Let me know in the comments your favorite song on the playlist.

Jam Away My Friends!

Candice L.

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