Moon Baby Show's Favorite Diaper Bags

Our Top 4 Picks!

No matter what, you will probably be looking for a Diaper Bag. We have a few Moon Baby faves that can get you started in the right direction to snagging the best Diaper bag for your little cute human baby. :)

Let's Get Started!

FAWN DESIGN is the perfect diaper bag, combining style, comfort, and ease.

Their signature bag is as fashionable as it is functional. (Prices Start at $170 US)

JUJUBE diaper bags are durable & machine washable baby diaper bags help busy parents stay organized. You can choose from a bunch of cute colors and styles too! (Prices Start at $195 US)

Tiny Feet The perfect travel and outdoor diaper backpack for those that are on the go. Diaper Mat included! And we just love the super cute design and neutral color options! (Prices Start at $35 US)

Kalencom- Stylish + Convenient! They are originators of easy to clean diaper bags, and they continue to innovate the diaper bag in both fashion and functionality while remaining fairly priced. (Prices Start at $40 US)

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