Morning Sickness Tips and Tricks by Katie Gonzalez

One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is (potentially dreadful) morning sickness. But, what a wonderful reason for feeling absolutely terrible! Some women may not feel the slightest bit of nausea, and then there are the unlucky ones, like myself, who suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum...THE ENTIRE PREGNANCY! 

With my first pregnancy, I took whatever my doctor prescribed me in hopes of feeling better. I had two other kids that depended on me, and boy was it tough getting through those days. Thankfully, my older girls were patient and enjoyed movies in bed with me as well as outings with their dad. By the time I was pregnant the second time, I was determined not to spend my days with my head in a toilet bowl. I mean, I had 3 kids that needed a mom and I worked full time.... there really was no time to be sick!

I picked up a few tips and tricks of my own along the way, but I definitely had to rotate them in and out so I wouldn’t develop an aversion to them. Here are a few things that worked for me:

1) Peppermint: Whether it was peppermint candy or diffused peppermint oil, it masked the weird smells that would trigger me and cooled my taste buds.

2) Seltzer Water/Ginger Ale: I don’t care what brand it is, BUBBLES ARE LIFE!

3) Pepcid: Sometimes heartburn will trigger morning sickness, so it’s important to try and keep it under control at all times.

4) B6 and Magnesium: Taking these supplements daily can help to ease morning sickness! (Be sure to get them approved by your doctor).

5) Prenatals: There are times when your prenatals may be the root cause of your sickness. Try a few different ones (especially gummies, they may be easier to keep down). If you still have a hard time, find products that include vitamins in their ingredients as another method of taking them. (Like my recommendation below!)

6) Fizzelixir by Sparkling Mama: This is my number one, absolute favorite way to battle morning sickness. “Sparkling Mama” uses scientifically proven vitamins and extracts, that mix with water to make a bubbly & yummy beverage to bring back your SPARKLE! Never have I found any other product of this type that works quite like this one. It was created by a mama who also suffered from HG, and who wanted a way to conquer the struggles of HG during pregnancy. The Fizzelixir comes in two different flavors (raspberry mint & citrus ginger). You just mix a packet with water or seltzer water and voila! She has it available on her website at or if you’re a prime addict like me, she also sells it on amazon!

Seriously, it’s worth a shot to see if any of these will work for you like they did for me. Try them once, try them twice, and rotate them around, because there really is nothing worse than developing an aversion to something that was working so well for you. And don’t worry mama, once you have that beautiful baby in your arms, you will forget all about this phase.

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