Perks of Being Pregnant During the Holidays by Katie Gonzalez

The holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means? Family gatherings, food galore, fabulous sales, chilly weather and delicious MOCKTAILS for YOU! There’s so many great reasons to enjoy the holidays while pregnant and of course, the number one being the fact that you’re blessed to be expecting this beautiful time of year. Here are a few things to do and look forward to while being pregnant over the holidays:

1. During family gatherings, make sure to take as many pictures as possible with your baby bump, no matter how big or small, and all of your family and friends that you get to enjoy the season with. Its such a memorable time that we don’t get back after those 9 months are over. I was always so self-conscience, no matter what time of year it was, and always took very few pictures of my bump. Looking back I wish I had have taken pictures every day, especially during this magical time of year.

2. It seems that the holiday season revolves around food, right? And I’m totally ok with that, especially when I’m expecting and need to eat for two! Enjoy yourself, don’t hold back and try all of the different food options that we don’t normally get to indulge in. Embrace your belly and don’t be shy, pack a plate to go too!

3. Gift giving is one of my favorite things to do. I literally start shopping in September for our friends and family, but I also like to find good deals and spoil my babies myself! You’re going to find some killer sales that you won’t see the rest of the year. If you have an item on your registry, share the deals with close friends and family, or buy it for yourself and if you end up getting a second, then great! Just exchange it for something you didn’t get.

4. As the weather changes, I swear the maternity clothes get even cuter! My absolute favorite maternity clothes styles are for the colder seasons. Pink blush, Motherhood Maternity and Target are some of my favorite spots to hit up! If you’re on a budget, check out your local Goodwill for maternity clothes at a great discount. Remember, we’re only pregnant for a short time so the maternity clothes there are typically in fantastic shape and basically brand new!

5. Although you aren’t enjoying the open bar at the office holiday party this year, that doesn’t mean you don’t get to appreciate a few great flavored mocktails. Here’s a list and recipes for a few of my favs!

🍸 Cran-Raspberry Martini By Sparkling Mama:

Ingredients: -2 tbsp fresh lime juice

-½ cup raspberry flavored sparkling water

-Splash of all-natural cranberry juice or cranberry juice cocktail

-1 tbsp crushed raspberries

-1 packet of raspberry and mint fizzelixir by Sparkling Mama

Directions: Pour first three ingredients into a martini glass, then slide a few raspberries onto a thin stirrer to garnish. It’s really that simple! The fizzelixir is available on or Amazon!

🍹 Craftmix Instant cocktail mix has various flavors from margarita, whiskey sour and mojito. You literally just take the packet flavoring of your choice, add ice and either water or club soda then mix! They’re just as tasty for your partner too, if they’re interested in adding the extra ingredient to make it a cocktail of their packet choice. I actually told Craftmix I was going to be mentioning them for this blog and they offered a promo code just for the Moon Baby Show blog readers for their website to save 25%, just use KATIEMOM25 so that you can enjoy that special Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Mocktail!

🥂 You can’t go wrong with Martinelli’s Gold Medal Sparkling Apple cider. Easy to grab at your local grocery store and go!

Enjoy this holiday season with your bump and your loved ones, look forward to the New Year and having that sweet baby in your arms. I’m so incredibly excited for you and I hope this holiday season is a special one for you and your family. Happy Holidays from my growing family to yours!

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