Postpartum Must Haves by Katie Gonzalez

We literally spend almost the entire nine months of pregnancy preparing for baby’s arrival. We buy baby clothes, baby products, baby gear, read baby books, prep baby’s room… its endless, really. But what about mom? The first few days, weeks and months following birth is such a delicate time for mom too.

I remember when I had Annabel, I got home from the comfort of the hospital and couldn’t ever sit still. I was constantly running out to grab something I needed, or having my husband run errands to try and find exactly what I was looking for in hopes to please the hormonal mess that I was because although I had been a mom for a few years, this was my first postpartum experience. Postpartum anxiety set in shortly after birth, and I felt so prepared for baby but so unprepared for myself. There are quite a few items specifically for us moms that are so important to have handy when we return home from the hospital. I want to share a few items with you that are definitely my favorites.

1. Pariday Tendher reusable cooling soothers for the breasts and postpartum sore areas. These are absolute life savers when it comes to pain relief in all of those incredibly tender areas. The best part is, they’re on Amazon so you can just prime deliver them while you’re still in the hospital!

2. Frida Mom angled momwasher gets the job done to help keep your lady bits rinsed clean and soothed after you potty. The hospital will provide you a squirt bottle, but this one is at just the right angle.

3. High waisted control topped compression leggings that support your belly as well as a belly binder. These help to shrink the belly after delivery and also help with discomfort if you’re a c-section mama too. Ask your delivery doctor to prescribe a hospital grade belly binder and they’ll bring it right up to your room!

4. PreparationH witch hazel wipes…. Because lets be real, hemorrhoids happen.

5. Nursing pads that aren’t too bulky but absorb enough. I’m not too picky about this, as a matter of fact I have multiple brands and boxes. But I do enjoy the washable and reusable Bamboobies nursing pads, especially because they are really unnoticeable.

6. Greater Than Coconut Water is always in my fridge for that added extra hydration during breastfeeding, and to help bring my milk supply in. Try to minimize heavy sugary drinks and stick to lots of water, and its even worth trying the Greater Than drinks for that added support.

7. Pads, Pads, Pads. Definitely stock up on the overnight pads because you will be wearing these for a bit of time as your body rids the lochia. And be prepared, the ones they use in the hospital are going to make you laugh at how ginormous they are, but realistically you don’t need that size when you go home.

8. “Granny” panties are a must. The bigger the better! Motherhood Maternity carries high rise postpartum ones that offer belly support. They really helped with comfort after my c-section.

9. Dry shampoo spray so you can rock that mom bun a day or two longer.

10. Wine, because let’s face it, you deserve it mama! Also, a little tid bit of information, dark beer does help to bring in your milk.

11. Net panties! These aren’t something that you can necessarily grab ahead of time, but while you’re in the hospital ask your nurses to bring you a few pairs that you can take home with you. They’re great and disposable during those messy first few days.

Remember mama, have patience with yourself, your body and this time of change. You just grew a human and gave birth… you’ve been through A LOT! This new normal is a time of adjustment but hang in there, you got this!

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