Second Trimester Cravings by Katie Gonzalez

During the first trimester of each of my pregnancies (between my daughter, my son and the ones that did not work out in our favor), there was really only one thing I could stomach and that was…saltine crackers. However, during the second trimesters, I started to have the appetite of a trucker (whether or not I kept the food down was a different story). 

Having both a boy and a girl, I noticed different cravings during each pregnancy. For me, the old wive’s tails were true! I craved sweets with my daughter and saltier foods with my son. It’s important to eat foods throughout your pregnancy that are rich in vitamins, omega-3 oils, and magnesium, but its also ok to indulge in the fun stuff too, right? I don’t see why not, enjoy your pregnancy (unless advised otherwise from your physician)!

When I was pregnant with Annabel, I literally lived off of pineapple and mango! I was so incredibly lucky that mango was in season when I craved it the most. I didn’t always crave the sweetness of fresh fruit though. On most days, I just wanted a nice big slice of CAKE! When my husband would go on shift, I remember every once in a while baking myself a whole moist yellow cake with creamy vanilla frosting… and I’d enjoy every last crumb! On the days I didn’t have time to bake, I’d sneak off to my local grocery store and pick up a half Key Lime Pie. The refreshing satisfaction of sweet and sour was every bit worth it! I would eventually admit to my husband my guilty indulgence of desserts, but once our sweet Annabel arrived, he said if eating cake, fruit and pies made her this way, we are just going to have to duplicate those efforts with the next one.

When I reached the second trimester with Carson, all I ever wanted was cold cut turkey, ham and cheese on a freshly baked bun. I know what you’re thinking...cold cuts? We aren’t allowed to eat cold cuts! Well, that’s not entirely true!! If its cooked or freshly cut, enjoy that delicious sandwich! I know I sure did (just try to avoid prepackaged deli meat)! I wish I could say I stopped at just craving simple sandwiches, but the cravings decided to get a bit more fierce. I soon wanted French au jus, Cuban steak and chicken-philly cheese steak sandwiches. The sandwich desire was real and I even dreamt on several occasions about the next one I’d eat! I remember listing all the different sandwiches I’d eat on a daily basis to my parenatologist and him telling me that my son was probably going to come out asking for grilled cheese.

Because I was often sick during both of my pregnancies, I had to figure out when it was the best time for me to eat in order to keep the food down. I trained my mind and body so that if I ate before 5pm and went to sleep by 6pm, I had less of a chance of losing my delicious sandwich with my head in a toilet. I had my sandwich eating skills mastered, and food delivery services were my best friend and partner in crime.

The fact of the matter is, your cravings can be all over the place. Odd or not, relish in this moment! Eat those pickles, sip that milkshake, take a bite of that pie, dice up those apples, and pop those grapes in the freezer. Whether it’s your first, last, 3rd or 10th pregnancy, enjoy it! Don’t stress too much about weight, just be mindful of vitamin intake so that your baby benefits from what you’re eating. 

If you ever have any questions about your dietary intake and nutrition, always discuss it with your doctor.

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