“Tips and Tricks to Induce Labor Naturally” by Katie Gonzalez

I’m sure you’ve all heard this pregnancy quote: “Every month has an average of 30 days, except the last month of pregnancy, which has about 3428 days.” And if by chance you haven’t heard it, I’m sure you can relate to it.

When I reached 39 weeks of pregnancy with my daughter, it was mid August, and the second I walked outside I could feel the sweat drip down my back and absorb into my maternity band. I was so ready to pop! I must have google searched how to safely induce labor a dozen times that week. Here are a few tips and tricks I learned along the way that might help you get the ball rolling naturally:

1) Pineapple

Because this delicious fruit contains proteolytic enzymes called bromelain, it helps to soften the cervix, which can help to gradually induce labor. As for me, I literally ate pineapple my entire pregnancy with Annabel, and I must have built up a tolerance because it wasn’t quite as effective. Whether it works for you or not, there are still so many other benefits to eating pineapple, so it’s totally worth a try!

2) Exercise

More specifically, walking and bouncing on a yoga ball. Sometimes the simplest of things can help blood circulation flow, increase your heart rate and get baby into the right position. Even if you don’t go into labor using this method, it helps to build muscle to get ready for labor. Keep in mind you don’t want to over exert yourself. Take it easy because a little can go a long way. I always enjoyed casually walking the mall while enjoying the a/c, grabbing an ice cream, and just taking my time to stroll back and forth.

3) Sex

I know you might be uncomfortable at this point in your pregnancy, but this totally helps and has worked for a lot of my friends. Semen has natural prostaglandins that help to soften the cervix, and having sex releases oxytocin which can cause mom to start having contractions. Just add a little nipple stimulation which also releases oxytocin, and you may be having a baby not too long thereafter.

Even if these tips don’t necessarily work for you, just remember that your baby will make their appearance soon enough. Also keep in mind that more time in the womb can potentially lower the possibility of complications arising during and after birth. It’s ok to let your body rest and prepare for the big day. Should you attempt any induction methods, try to stick with natural and safe techniques.

***Speak with your healthcare provider about any labor induction tips. Especially if it is prior to your due date, as any form of induction techniques may possibly lead to an emergency c-section if your body is not yet ready to deliver.***

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