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Product Review: Graco Modes Duo Tandem Double Stroller

(Retail Price via Buy Buy Baby $314.99)

Searching for the perfect stroller for your family can be extremely stressful. There are so many options ranging from design style, functionality to wheel suspension, and then there’s budget! I have looked at strollers that were priced below $100 to strollers well over $1000. If you are in the early stages of researching strollers, in particular, a double stroller, the Modes Duo Double Tandem stroller by Graco, may be a great option to explore. The price point, ease of maneuverability, and one-hand folding for storing was a significant selling feature for us. Priced at $349, the stroller features two seats for older babies to young toddlers, a bench seat, and a standing platform for more aged children providing a 3-in-1 experience.

We scored a great deal on the stroller because it was the last one in stock. The manager at Buy Buy Baby allowed us to take the floor model and offered a small percentage off! Buy Buy Baby also accepts coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond that can be applied to your purchase. (Pro-Parent tip: if you take the floor model, (a) you can potentially get a discount and (b) zero assembly!) For a family with twins, the included seats can be easily removed and seamlessly accommodate compatible infant car seats. I suggest the Graco Click Connect car seat that is recommended for this stroller.

For a tandem style double stroller, the wheels glide effortlessly on a hard-surfaced floor. The six wheels work cohesively to push, pull, and pivot the stroller without resistance. Keep in mind the kids will add weight to the stroller, but even with the added weight, the stroller maneuvers nicely on city sidewalks, suburban streets, supermarket aisles, and anywhere else that offers a hard-surfaced floor. Carpeted floors are slightly tougher to operate the stroller, but nothing a little extra push can’t solve.

Although the double stroller rolls with ease, I have such a love/ hate (actually more of an annoyance) relationship with it. When you push this stroller, EVERYONE will hear you coming! Saying this stroller is loud is an understatement. In places like the mall or supermarket, the stroller is quiet, but anywhere outside, it sounds like you’re pushing a cart. If you can get past the sound, it is a quality stroller. Including the cup holder on each detachable seat, there are four standard-size cup holders. Also, there is a lovely sized storage basket at the base of the stroller. If you are like me, this is a major component! Having a lovely sized storage basket allows for the diaper bag and other knick-knacks to be off of you, providing you comfort as you push the kiddies. I also added a few accessories (the mommy hook and two extra cup holders, which you can see pictured above) to the stroller for convenience and comfort.

The one-hand folding feature was also a major selling feature for us. The detachable seat and Click Connect car seat remove easily, allowing the frame to collapse down to be stored in your trunk or closet. Once closed, the stroller has a side fasten that snaps together automatically to ensure the frame does not open when stowing it away. Two handles are built into the design to lift the stroller, so you don’t have to pull at the wheels or other stroller frame areas. All in all, the Modes Duo Double Stroller by Graco has incredible features that work for my family and lifestyle. As I mentioned, the stroller can be very loud, depending on the surface, but for the price point, design practicality, and maneuverability, this stroller was a win for our family!

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