Why Expecting Parents Need Baby Shows

Tiffany North, Editor - The Moon Baby Show

The journey into parenthood is such an exciting experience. Between gender reveals, feeling those first kicks, baby showers and delivery prep, there is so much to look forward to! New and expecting parents have a lot to do and think about before their little one arrives, and baby shows are a great way to help growing families get a great head start in a fun and social atmosphere. Here are five reasons why we need more baby shows, and why they are so important:

1) Product Knowledge:

 Baby shows are great for seeing and trying out different brands and products firsthand. There is no shortage of baby brands and supplies on the market, and while that means parents have a lot to choose from, it also makes it difficult to make decisions based strictly off of online reviews. Baby shows bring a variety of brands and products under one roof, making the selection process easier and less stressful.

2) Educational Resources:

There are so many resources available to families that many parents aren’t aware of. More baby shows mean more opportunities for these resources to make their way into the home, improving and adding value to the lives of little ones and everyone in the family unit.

3) Opportunities to Connect:

Having a supportive community during pregnancy and beyond is imperative to the well being of parents and children.  Events like these provide opportunities for families to connect with each other, as well as various local groups and organizations.

4) Building Confidence:

The changes that come with having a newborn can be overwhelming. Parents often question if they’re ready, and if they are doing everything that they can to create a loving and nurturing environment for their babies.  Participating in baby shows can answer a lot of the initial questions of becoming a parent, setting anxious minds at ease.

5) Gift Bags and Giveaways:

Product samples are a big part of these shows. Various brands use these events as an opportunity to get their products into the hands of potential customers. This means awesome freebies that range from travel to full size for mom and baby to try.

Every parent should have the chance to attend and participate in baby shows that provide an inclusive and diverse environment, and that offers products, educational resources and opportunities to connect. The Moon Baby Show takes pride and passion in doing just that.  For more information on what we have to offer, as well as future event details, visit our website at www.themoonbabyshow.com.

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